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Procedure and Checklist for Registration/License/Renewal
1(a) Shops And Establishments Act - Registration
1(b) Shops And Establishments Act - Renewal
1(c) Shops And Establishments Act - Amendment/NOC
2 Contract Labour Act (Principal Employer) - Registration
3(a) Contract Labour Act (Contractor) - Licence
3(b) Contract Labour Act (Contractor) - Renewal
4 Building And Other Construction Workers Act
5 Principal Employer Registration under Interstate Migrant Workman Act
6 Licence to a Contractor for Employing migrant workers under Inter State Migrant Workman Act
7(a) Motor Transport Workers Act - Registration
7(b) Motor Transport Workers Act - Renewal
Procedure and Checklist for Schemes
1 Self Certification Scheme
2 Integrated Returns
Circles List
1 To Know Your Circle Please Click Here

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