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Click here for Application form for Empanelment of Third Party Auditor
Click here for Procedure of Motor Transport Workers Act - Registration
1 Labour Welfare Fund Act
1 (a) Form F
2 Minimum Wages Act
2 (a) Form III - Return of Fines
2 (b) Form V - Muster Roll
2 (c) Form IV - Overtime Register for workers
2 (d) Form II - Register of deductions for damage or loss
2 (e) Form I - Register of fine
2 (f) Form XI - Wage Slips
3 Contract Labour Act
3 (a) Form XII - Register of Contractor
3 (b) Form XIII - Register of workmen employed by contractor
3 (c) FormXIV - EMployment cum wage card
3 (d) FormXIX
3 (e) FormXVI - Muster Roll
3 (f) FormXVII - Register of Wages
3 (g) FormXVIII - Form of Register of wages cum Muster Roll
3 (h) FormXX - Register of Deductions for damage or Loss
3 (i) FormXXI - Register of Fines
3 (j) FormXXII - Register of Advances
3 (k) FormXXIII - Register of Overtime
3 (l) FormXXIV - Return ot be sent by contractor to the licensing officer
3 (m) FormXXV - Annual return of Principal EMployer to be sent to the Registering Officer
4 Payment of Bonus Rules
4 (a) Form A - Computation of the allocable surplus
4 (b) Form B - Set ON and Set OFF of the Allocable surplus
4 (c) Form C - Bonus paid to the employees for the Accounting year
4 (d) Form D - Annual Return - Bonus paid to the employees for the Accounting year
5 Telangana Shops and Establishments Act
5 (a) Form XIII - Register Of Wages
5 (b) FormXXVII - Return for the month of March/June/September/December
5 (c) Form XXVI - Letter Of Appointment
5 (d) Form XXIV - Notice Of Weekly Holiday
5 (e) Form XII - Register Of Advance
5 (f) Form XI - Register Of Deductions
5 (g) Form XXII - Register Of Employment
5 (h) Form X - Register Of Fines
5 (i) Form XXV - Register Of Leave

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